The International Legal Aid Group (ILAG) is a network of legal aid specialists including Chief Executives and Managers from Legal Aid Commissions, High Ranking Civil Servants and leading academics in over two-dozen countries. The mission of ILAG is to improve evidence-based policy-making in the field of poverty legal services through discussion and dialogue relating to international developments in policy and research.  ILAG focuses primarily on the particular issues raised in jurisdictions, which have established highly developed systems of legal aid. The brief of ILAG is expanding to include jurisdictions with less developed systems.

ILAG began by holding biannual conferences, with the first being organised in 1992 in The Hague, by Vouter Meurs of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Professor Alan Paterson, of Strathclyde University. From November 2008, it has published a periodical newsletter on developments around the world and, from February 2010, it established an online presence. ILAG seeks maximum discussion. For reasons of manageability, however, ILAG conferences are open only by invitation. The next one is planned for Canada in June 2019.

ILAG is guided by an International Steering Group. Professor Alan Paterson is the Chair, whilst Peter van den Biggelaar and Lindsay Montgomery have recently been appointed as Vice Chairs. Eileen Ritchie is the ILAG Conference Coordinator, while Paul Ferrie is the Online Administrator for the group.