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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

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Cleber Francisco Alves is a Professor at Fluminense Federal University (Brazil) and a researcher at its PhD and Master's Program in Sociology and Law (PPGSD/UFF). He served as Dean of the Law Faculty at the Universidade Católica de Petrópolis (1999-2002). He received his PhD in Law (2005) from Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro: the doctoral thesis is a comparative study about legal aid in the United States, in France and in Brazil. He was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Baltimore, USA (2003), at the Université de Montpellier, France (2004), and at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies of the University of London (2014-2015). He is also a Public Defender (since 1994) with the Rio de Janeiro's State Public Defenders and works representing poor litigants in a Civil Court in his hometown, Petrópolis (Brazil). He has published many books and articles in the field of legal aid, including: "Justiça para todos! Assistência Jurídica Gratuita nos Estados Unidos, na França e no Brasil" (2006); "Asistencia Juridica: una perspectiva comparada entre Cuba y Brasil" (2016), co-authored with M. Legra Fleitas; "Access to Justice in Brazil - The Brazilian Legal Aid Model", co-authored with A. Castro, D. Esteves and F. Silva (2017);  ブラジルにおける司法アクセス・ブラジルの法律扶助モデル,co-authored with T. Ikenaga and D. Esteves (Jiyu to Seigi – 2017) and "Access to Justice in East Asia and in Latina America: comparativa perspectives in Japanese and Brazilian Legal Aid Services", co-authored with D. Esteves (2018).