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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

alan paterson profile

Alan Paterson is a Professor of Law and Director of the Centre for Professional Legal Studies at Strathclyde University Law School, Scotland. He is the Chair of the International Legal Aid Group being the co-organiser for the twelve conferences of the Group in The Hague (1995), Edinburgh (1997), Vancouver (1999), Melbourne (2001), Harvard (2003), Killarney (2005), Antwerp (2007), Wellington (2009), Helsinki (2011), The Hague (2013), Edinburgh (2015), and Johannesburg (2017).

Professor Paterson is also:

  • the Chair of the Legal Aid and Legal Services Group of the International Working Group on Comparative Legal Professions;
  • the Chair of the Legal Services Group of Citizens Advice Scotland;
  • Adviser to the Scottish Legal Aid Board and the Law Society of Scotland and responsible for the training and monitoring aspects of quality assurance of the peer review programme for civil, children and criminal legal aid lawyers in Scotland.

Alan was also the International and Expert Adviser to the Scottish Government’s Independent Review of Legal Aid (2017) and has been working as a consultant for the UNODC, the Council of Europe, and the EU in relation to legal aid, governance and quality assuring legal services provision over the last decade.

Educated at Edinburgh and Oxford Universities and qualified as a solicitor in Scotland, he has published widely in the field of legal aid and legal services, including:

  • Resourcing Civil Justice (OUP, 1996) (with T. Goriely);
  • The Transformation of Legal Aid (OUP, 1999) (with F.Regan, T.Goriely & D.Fleming);
  • Paths to Justice Scotland (Hart Publishing, 2001) (with H. Genn).
  • Contesting Professionalism: Legal Aid and Non-lawyers in England and Wales” ( with R. Moorhead and A. Sherr ) in 37(2003) Law and Society Review 765-808
  • “Peer Review and Quality Assurance” 13 ( 2007 ) Clinical Law Review 757 .
  • Lawyers and the Public Good ( Cambridge University Press, 2012 ) Hamlyn Lectures for 2010.
  • Country Report of consultancy Study on the Feasibility and Desirability of establishing an Independent Legal Aid Authority for the Legal Aid Services Council, Hong Kong 2012
  • Face to Face Legal Services and their Alternatives ( with Roger Smith ) ( CPLS, University of Strathclyde, 2013 )
  • Assessment of the Free Secondary Legal Aid System in Ukraine in the light of the Council of Europe’s Standards and Best Practices ( with Peter Biggelaar, Nadejda Hriptievschi, Oleksandr Banchuk and Gennadiy Tokarev ) ( Council of Europe, 2016)
  • Peer Review of Legal Aid Files: A Toolkit for the National Legal Aid Centre for China ( with Avrom Sherr) ( China / EU Access to Justice Programme, 2016)
  • Legal Aid Governance Models and Independence ( Draft report ) (Council of Europe, 2018)
  • Draft Handbook on Ensuring Quality of Legal Aid Services in Criminal Justice Processes ( with Miri Sharon ) ( UNODC, 2019 )

Awarded OBE for services to Legal Education and the Law 2010

Contact details: Professor Alan Paterson, The Centre for Professional Legal Studies, University of Strathclyde, Level 3, Lord Hope Building, 141 St James Road, Glasgow G4 0RQ, Tel No: 0141 548-3341,   E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.