Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Yu Shan Chang

Yu-Shan Chang is a researcher at the Legal Aid Foundation (LAF) in Taiwan. She joined the LAF in 2017 and has been deeply involved in planning and undertaking research for better management, policy making and service innovation. She has a keen interest in conducting empirical and comparative studies on legal aid systems, access to justice, the legal profession and integrated legal services. She also applies interdisciplinary knowledge and methodology in her research.   

Prior to joining the LAF, Yu-Shan practiced law in Taiwan and participated in legal aid work in her early career. She then studied and obtained her LLM and PhD degrees atUniversity College London (UCL). Her PhD project explores and compares the mechanisms and rationale for integrated publicly funded legal services in England and Wales, Australia and Taiwan. She also had volunteered and worked in a few not-for-profit and advice agencies, supporting ethnic minorities and socially disadvantaged groups both in Taiwan and the UK. These experiences have greatly contributed to her current research work at the LAF.