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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Suzie Forell

Suzie Forell is Director of Researchfor Health Justice Australia, the national centre for health justice partnership.With HJA, Suzie is:exploring through health justice partnershiphow best to meet complex needs across service silos and the value of legal help within that;partnering across research disciplines to understand impact of the model; and translating research findings into practice.Suzie was previously a Principal Researcher at the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW, where she led the Foundation’s ‘what works’ research program and managed research alliances with Legal Aid Commissions to evaluate legal assistance strategies and build evaluation capability. With the Foundationteam, Suzieevaluated a range of legal assistance strategies including outreach, family law duty services, collaborative partnerships, community legal education and summary crimeservices. Suzie is an author of Reshaping legal assistance services: building on the evidence base.In 2016-17, Suzie led a team of researchers inan analysis of administrative data from all NSW civil court and tribunals, to investigate thequality and utility of thedata to inform policy. In December 2018 Suzie was appointed an honorary professor at University College London, School of Laws