Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

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Mr. Castonguay was appointed in July 2016 as the Executive Director for the New Brunswick Legal Aid Services Commission. As the head of the Commission, Mr. Castonguay oversees all Legal Aid programs for the Province which include Criminal Law Services, Family Law Services and the Office of the Public Trustee. Prior to his appointment as Executive Director, Mr. Castonguay was the Chief Operating Officer for the New Brunswick Legal Aid Services Commissionfrom November 2013 to July 2016. As such, he wascharged with directing the business and affairs of the Commission, including negotiating the first collective agreement with the unionized staff lawyers. Before joining the Commission, Mr. Castonguay had a lengthy career with the New Brunswick Public Prosecution Services for over seventeen (17) years. Over that period of time, Mr. Castonguay argued beforeall level of courts in Canada on issues dealing with the Criminal Code, the Charter of Rightsand the Constitution. Mr. Castonguay is a graduate from the Université de MonctonLaw School and was admitted to the New Brunswick Law Society in 1995. In addition to his legal career and on a more personal note, Mr. Castonguay and his wife own and operate a yoga studio in Fredericton, New Brunswick where they reside with their two children.