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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Christina Kamili Ruhinda

Ms. Christina Kamili Ruhinda is a Lawyer,holding a Master degree in Governanceand Leadership-Executive Director of the Tanzania Network of Legal Aid Providers(TANLAP). She is also aBoard Member of various Civil Societies Organizations and a Memberof Ministry of Constitutional and Legal Affairs National Legal Aid Act Implementing Team.AVital Voice Global Alumni(VVLEAD). She has further participated in Various African Union expert’s Meetings on collaboration between Informal and Formal Justice Structures for promotion of Rule of Law. Ms. Ruhindahas over 10 years of experience in the Legal Aid sub-sector, Human Rights,Gender,Governance,Justice and Rule of Law,Election Observation, Networking, Programme Managementand Capacity Development.Shehas, inter alia,been engaged in theidentification ofpotential issues that have had an effect onaccess to Justice in Tanzania; analyzing human rights abusesand proposing possible reforms; conducting assessment of Tanzania’s legislations, practice and capacities in respect to regional, continental and international human rights standards –treaty obligations and compliance. Ms. Ruhinda has authored a number of publications including thematic reports, articles and papers in international journals.She is fluent in English, Swahili, Ki -Rundi, Ki -Nyarwanda and has conversational French.