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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Jeanne Charn

Jeanne Charn is a Senior Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School and the Director of the  Bellow-Sacks Access to Civil Legal Services Project, a research and policy project aimed at making civil legal services more widely and effectively available.  Jeanne was a staff attorney at the Community Legal Assistance Organization and subsequently at the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute in Boston.  In 1973, she was appointed Assistant Dean for Clinical Programs at Harvard Law School.  In 1979, Jeanne and Gary Bellow founded a clinical practice center that became the largest civil clinical program at Harvard Law School.  The Center served as a laboratory for service learning and for experiments in delivery of high quality and cost effective legal services. Jeanne teaches courses on delivery of legal services, the legal and financial needs of low and moderate income households and the ethical and professional challenges of law practice in a rapidly changing legal world.
Professional service includes membership on the ABA Standing Committee on Delivery of Legal Services and the Board of the Clinical Legal Education Association.  She is on the Lawyering in the Public Interest Committee of the AALS Clinical Section.