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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:


Phone: 09646010343, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Additional District & Session Judge, India.
Presently on deputation as Director, National Legal Services  Authority (NALSA).
Work profile as  Director, NALSA.
Devising legal aid policies and programs for weaker and disadvantaged sections of the society.
Co-ordinating with State Legal Services Authorities across the country for implementation of legal aid programs.
Administrative work in NALSA office. 
B.Com From Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla 
LLB From Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla
LL.M From Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla 
Work Experience:
Worked as Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate.
Worked as Secretary, Panchkula District Legal Services Authority. 
Worked as Joint Member Secretary, Haryana State Legal Services Authority. 
Worked as Project Officer, National Legal Services Authority, New Delhi.
Recent work in Legal aid ( 2018-2019):
Devised and drafted a Legal Services Camp Module, which marked a departure from the traditional approach of spreading general legal awareness and orchestrates a model of true empowerment with the foundation of need based analysis and focused action. Based on such module, Camps were held across the country. 
Drafted a Legal Services Campaign titled “Connecting to Serve”. The Campaign aimed at making the weaker and marginalized sections of the society aware about existence of legal services institutions and  the availability of free legal services.  
Drafted “ Front Office Guidelines" to make Front Offices as One Stop Centres for legal aid seekers across the country. Front offices are units of legal aid institutions. 
Drafted  a protocol “Ensuring Access to Justice for widows living in Shelter Homes”  with an objective to create a mechanism to provide Legal Services to widow   living  in Shelter Homes .
Drafted a Campaign  titled “A Campaign for enhancing Legal Services to Women inmates and their accompanying children in prisons”  for Women Inmates and their accompanying children    with an objective to protect, secure and promote their  rights by making them legally aware, facilitating the actualisation of their rights and thereby reducing vulnerabilities. It was implemented across the country.
Did research and drafting  for Coffee Table Book reflecting the Journey of legal aid movement in India and the expansion of the activities reflecting the broad vision of Access to Justice.  
Drafted a pan India campaign “Accessing Justice to Convicts in Prisons Through Legal Services” with an objective to address the issues of convicts such as lack of legal information and their legal rights as well as to meet the objective of securing appellate rights of the convicts. It was implemented across the Country.
Other Activities:-
Delivered lectures at Chandigarh Judicial Academy on various topics such as  Legal Aid Programmes &  framework, law related to victim compensation etc.
Delivered a lecture in 6th International Conference on Victim Assistance  at O.P Jindal Global University.
Delivered a lecture as a Resource Person on 15th Asian Postgraduate Course on Victimology, Victim Assistance and Criminal Justice.